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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I get my site listed on FreeFlash.nu?
You will be listed in one of the premier directories of Flash Resource sites on the Internet! The amount of traffic we send you, depends on the traffic you send us. Our system monitors the traffic you send, and ranks you in the directory automatically. Sites that send the most traffic to FreeFlash.nu will get a lot of traffic back! Even those who send a little traffic should receive great returns. Over time, our directory will grow, and our promotional efforts will increase, and the traffic we will be able to send to our members will only increase. In the future we plan on starting a Site of the Week program, which will give unbelievable amounts of traffic to sites when they are featured. We will be sure to reward our earliest members.

2. How does this ranking list work?
When you signup, you will be given a special URL to link to FreeFlash.nu. Every hit you send (every time a person clicks on that link from your site), you will be credited for a hit. The number of hits you send will be compared to the number of hits other members have sent, and the site sending the most hits will be number 1, and the site sending the lowest number of hits is shown last. Sites in between are ranked from to greatest to least.

3. What makes FreeFlash.nu different from other similar sites?
FreeFlash.nu is part of the HowAmazing.com Webmaster Resource Network of websites that generate close to 1 million page views per day, and over 400,000 unique visitors per month. FreeFlash.nu will be heavily promoted on Network sites in order to send members of FreeFlash.nu plenty of traffic. In addition, we will do heavy search engine advertising, and develop relationships with other popular Websites.

4. Does it cost anything to get listed?
No Way! It is completely free. You can go here to register right now, for free!

5. How often are rankings updated?
Updates occur to the rankings ever 30 minutes.

6. How often are the rankings reset?
Rankings are set to zero every 24 hours.

7. Can my site disappear from the list?
Yes. You must send at least 1 hit in a 24-hour period to be shown on the list for that period.

8. How do I setup a link?
You must login here and choose the Display Proper Link Syntax to be given options that will track the hits you send in, and rank you accordingly.

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